About Formula Vee

Formula VEE came to Ireland in the mid 1970’s and like Formula Ford, was created to provide a low cost form of singleseater racing. However, since then Formula Ford has become more and more expensive, with less people  competing, while Formula VEE has still remained within reach of the average person. VEE’s can now boast the highest popularity with over 50 members in the Association, and about 30-40 of those regularly competing.

The Formula VEE National Championship consists of races in Ireland (Mondello National and Mondello International), Northern Ireland (Kirkistown and Bishopscourt) and the UK. The Phoenix Park event is a two day non-championship event with attendance typically over 100,000 and some events are expected to be televised across Ireland and the U.K. during the season. A championship was also created to cater for the seasoned fun racer (B championship) as well as one for the novice driver (C championship).

There are approximately 8 race meetings per year, of which 7 are championship events. Each race meeting usually consists of qualifying and one race (with two races taking place on a double header weekend). For 2016, there will be a separate race for fun drivers and novices (B & C points will be scored in this race) in the morning, with a race for all drivers (National points to be awarded in this race) in the afternoon. Points are awarded to drivers according to their placing. These points are used to determine championship rankings throughout the season. A non-championship Formula VEE Festival will be held again in 2016 with heats, semi-finals and a final. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, the Formula VEE Festival was the largest race meeting held at Mondello Park in several years.