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Race Calendar

Round 1/2 – 12th/13th June 2021 – Mondello National

Round 3/4 – 17th/18th July 2021 – Mondello International

Round 5/6 – 14th/15th August 2021 – Mondello

Round 7/8 – 28th August 2021 – Kirkistown

Round 9/10 – 11th/12th September – Mondello International

Round 11 – 25th September – Kirkistown

Non/Champ – 25th September – Kirkistown – Emerson Fittipaldi Trophy Race

6 months ago
Photos from Formula Vee Ireland’s post

Happy 60th birthday Paul Heavey…the picture on the cake shows the exact moment he won his first ever race in Bishopscourt 18 months ago after becoming a grandad for the first time….lets see will See more

6 months ago

Last weekend we had 2 championships wrapped up, but we also had another very important celebration! ๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿพ

Leastone Racing Boss & all-round Vee legend, Paul Heavey is celebrating his 60th birthday See more

6 months ago
Jack Byrne Continues His Winning Streak As Anthony Cross Secures Third Formula Vee Championship Title At Round 8

Barry Cregg is back with his last race report of the year! It makes for a good read, as always!

Many thanks to Barry for his fantastic work all year producing brilliant race See more

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7 months ago

Stephen, Christy, & Michelle Morrin of SM Racing were unusually absent from Mondello Park last Saturday, for a very good reason …. Stephen got married to his beautiful bride, Fiona!

A little ray See more

7 months ago

Keeping it in the family…

Formula Vee has always been a family sport. Many sons have followed their fathers into the class and many dad’s have helped out their sons and daughters.

We could make See more

7 months ago

Leastone boss and Formula Vee legend Paul Heavey turned 60 this week and after getting a cake from the Vee crew shared a few words about his racing career

7 months ago

The 2020 Selco Hygiene Formula Vee national champion Anthony Cross

7 months ago

We have our Star of Tomorrow podium finishers from today’s season finale.

1๏ธโƒฃ Jordan Kelly
2๏ธโƒฃ Donal Downey
3๏ธโƒฃ Michael Killian

Selco Hygiene | VW Spares Limited | See more

7 months ago

Another win for Jack Byrne in the Selco Hygiene Formula Vee national championship today at Mondello Park

7 months ago

Philip Sheane winner of the Vee Spares Formula Vee championship today at Mondello Park